Student Clubs & Associations

The 2019 - 2020 CSSA team (clockwise from top left): Noam Karakowsky, Kristin Cappuccio, Feimoon Choy, Aira Franchesca, Judy Szczytynski, Micah Zierer-Clyke, Roberto Curto and Adrian Brito

The Department has an active and exciting student association, the Communication Studies Students Association (CSSA). Created by our students in 2005, the CSSA seeks to enhance student participation in York's vibrant intellectual community as well as provide support and information for students on their way into the job market.

The CSSA aims to facilitate an organization where students can enhance their university lifestyle by partaking in club events and making new friends and connections.

The CSSA was also a proud recipient of the 2006 award for largest contribution to the student body.

Here is a list of events that you can expect for 2020/21:

Chats & Snacks with Chair Robert Heynen

  • Professional Headshot Studio Photoshoot
  • Trick or Treat Halloween 2020 CSSA Club Office
  • Club Socials (Escape room, ping pong etc..)
  • Industry Tours (e.g. Vice Media, Rogers, Bell, CBC)
  • Networking Gala

The goal of the CSSA is to mix academic and applied communication themed events and club socials.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Visit the CSSA!

Office: DB 3036