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Placement Organization: Songwriters Association of Canada
Position Title: Public Relations Coordinator


Job Description:

The Public Relations Coordinator role is for students who are full of creative ideas and eager to contribute on a large scale. The Coordinator will gain visibility into the inner workings and aspects of the public relations field, provide concrete deliverables and learn from top to bottom. The student will have the opportunity to work under the Executive Director and closely with the Board of Directors on national and global initiatives.

S.A.C.’s environment supports a professional, not for profit, member focused, and National association. The student will be able to drive the strategy and successful execution of dynamic external communications that target all levels of government, corporate sponsors and industry partners, building awareness and engagement, and inspiring others to understand and support S.A.C.’s advocacy work.


  • Fully developing S.A.C.'s PR strategy in Canada and in partnership with globally aligned partners.
  • Creating and curating engaging content for website and newsletters.
  • Communicating and building relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including professional musicians, industry leaders and government officials.
  • Seek out speaking opportunities, professional development events, and
    other in-person opportunities for S.A.C. to increase their brand footprint and develop an events budget with a requirement of monthly reports.
  • Track results and apply key insights to improve future communications,
    content, and engagement.

Student Experience:

Shubha Kaushik

Shubha KaushikWhat kind of work did you do? I handled their social media platforms, edited their bi-weekly newsletters and represented them at events.
What was your overall experience? It was a great experience. My LSS was extremely professional and provided me with a lot of support, which is what made the experience even better.
What skill sets did you develop throughout the process?I learnt how to handle network better from representing my placement at events. I also learnt how to make a social media plan, work in a team -- all in an industry I had to previous exposure to.
How has this prepared you for a career? Working as a PR Coordinator has helped launched my career at all -- I never knew PR was what I wanted to do, until I started working at this placement.
If you had to recommend this course to someone, what would you say? 10/10 recommend. Even if you have a terrible placement experience, it prepares you for the workforce because of the people and type of work you are exposed to.