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Placement Organization: People Bright Consulting
Position Title: Digital Marketing Intern
Number of Possible Placements Available: 1
Working Site’s Location: Can be done virtually with occasional meetup, COVID-19 permitting


Company Bio:

People Bright Consulting is a unique HR Management Consulting firm aiming to help small to medium-size businesses to develop strong HR foundations and build robust and positive corporate cultures that will help organizations achieve success.

Imagine work as a place that you call your second home. Imagine work as a place where you can grow personally and professionally, and where you are surrounded by people you enjoy being around. It can happen, and it did happen. As a co-founder of a top 10 of the Best Workplace in Canada®, twice, our President and Chief People Officer, Hilda Gan, is on a mission to help create better workplaces where employees can thrive and achieve success.

Based on iTRANS’ success, Hilda created the Connect with REVUP™ leadership training approach. “REVUP” stands for R Respect, E Equality, V Valued (as in I value you), U Uniqueness, and P Potential.

At People Bright, our mission is to make a difference in the lives of people and organizations with our Connect with REVUP™ approach. Our vision is to REVUP Potential in our staff, our clients and our colleagues. We believe that if you adopt the Connect with REVUP™ approach as your core values, you will make a difference in your life and the lives of those that you connect with, whether they are your clients, your coworkers, or your family and friends.

We are very excited to have you join us on the journey to REVUP Potential.

Job Description:

The digital marketing intern will help us grow our online presence. The work can be done virtually with calls, zoom meetings and the occasional live team meetup (COVID-19 permitting).

The goal of your work with us is to assist and support us in building our marketing strategies and online presence through consistency in our regular presence, enhanced quality content, and our brand image.

We believe in providing meaningful work that helps you develop your skills and experience and provide us with building our strong marketing plans that build our business.

Depending on your abilities and strengths, you will be assisting or gain increasing responsibility for:
Assisting in creating and executing various digital marketing campaigns including: Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Youtube | Mailchimp email marketing campaigns


• Researching the latest digital trends and concepts to help grow online and social media presence
• Managing our Mailchimp email campaigns, including general email content, manage and maintain the master list of contacts, manage email responses and track and report on the activities and outcomes of email campaigns
• Helping plan, coordinate and participate in marketing events and webinars including seeking out and coordinating speaking engagements, podcasts and other media presence
• Assisting in the design, development and distribution of marketing materials and newsletter
• Analyze data to identify and suggest areas of improvement and ideas for growth (including ads, social media posts, and email marketing segregation).
• Optimize our website and events to be optimal for SEO, content, keywords, links, etc.
• May include some business development work in generating leads and sales, including telephone marketing and email marketing
• Other duties as assigned


People Bright Consulting is seeking a passionate, creative and strategic-thinking Digital Marketing Intern that shows a keen interest in learning and applying their knowledge and skills in an entrepreneurial work environment. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a keen interest in all things related to digital marketing, can work independently, and who enjoys analyzing the trends and data to improve online presence. The digital and brand marketing intern will have the opportunity to manage various digital marketing campaigns, as well as assist in the development and execution of strategies for our social media platforms and brand presence.

The ideal candidate is excited about this opportunity to work in a positive work environment and demonstrate their energy, education and enthusiasm, and possessing the following:
• Strong working knowledge of social media marketing strategies
• Knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Adwords
• Knowledge of SEO best practices
• A solid understanding of the principles of marketing
• Proficiency in relevant computer applications for social media such as WordPress | Hootsuite | iMovie (or equivalent) | Adobe Illustrator (Photoshop, Canva, or equivalent) | Mailchimp | Proficiency in other computer software is considered an asset
• A positive attitude and strong work ethic
• Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
• A strategic thinking and brand/business development mindset, someone who thinks about the bigger picture
• Ability to work independently or as a part of a team
• Ability to multitask and prioritize your work in a virtual but supportive entrepreneurial environment
• A sense of pride in delivering high quality, accuracy and reliability in the delivery of your work
• A keen eye for graphic design
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills and proficiency in copywriting

Additional Assets:

The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude whose values believe in building the abilities and capabilities of themselves and others. You desire to REVUP your potential and those of others. We look forward to welcoming you to our company.