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Placement Organization: Green Campus Co-operative (GCC)
Position Title: Marketing Assistant, Media and Events Assistant


Company Bio:

The Green Campus Co-operative is a not-for-profit co-operative run by students and faculty of York University. Its mission is to develop and promote sustainable businesses on campus and to provide experiential education opportunities for students in sustainable businesses. One of its current start-ups is Green Campus Cotton, a fair trade, organic cotton garment company which specializes in “spirit wear” (t-shirts, polo-shirts, etc.) for universities, colleges and other similar organizations


Marketing Assistant

  • Assist with the development of a marketing strategy, including:
    o identifying potential affinity buyers (e.g., schools, public institutions, NGOs, etc.);
    o conducting a market survey;
    o developing marketing materials (web pages, flyers, brochures, short video clips, etc.);
    o developing marketing campaigns;
  • Assist with the implementation of the marketing strategy by:
    o working with the social media team to disseminate marketing materials;
    o following up with interested buyers;
    o processing orders;
  • Conducting a review of the marketing strategy and campaigns, including
    o the effectiveness of the materials and campaigns;
    o feedback on the products (price, style quality, etc.).
  • Provide support for the development on a new printing services facility

Media and Events Assistant

  • Assist with the development of a media strategy to
    o promote the GCC’s education mandate;
    o support the marketing strategy of the GCC and;
    o assist in its recruitment strategy for volunteers
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of events and media campaigns (e.g., Fair Trade Week, the Fair Trade Fair), including:
    o booking rooms;
    o sending out notices, press releases, etc.;
    o setting up for events (arranging materials, seating, chaperoning speakers, etc.);
    o taking pictures at events, uploading pictures to social media sites, etc.;
    o liaising with media contacts, university administrators;
  • Assist with on-going (social) media communication, including:
    o blogs;
    o posting relevant news items, up-coming events on social media;
    o on-going promotion of GCC products and events;
    o write articles, op-ed pieces on Fair Trade, sustainable businesses, etc.;
    o conducting interviews with Fair Trade producers, merchants, certifiers, etc.;
    o developing contests and other means to increase the visibility of the GCC;
  • Conduct a review of media campaigns and events, including
    o developing materials for feedback and evaluation
    o providing recommendation for changes.