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Placement Organization: Global News
Position Title: Consumer SOS, The Assignment Desk, Global News Morning, The Morning Show, Global News Online, Political Affairs, Global News at Noon, Technical, Lifestyle – Online, Social Desk
Number of Possible Placements Available: 10
Working Site’s Location: 1 Barber Greene, North York & (Corus Quay) 25 Dockside Dr. Toronto


Company Bio: offers Canadians from coast to coast a host of news and information – from breaking news in their community to deep engaging content that puts complex world issues in perspective. Our 21 local newsrooms provide up-to-the-minute community-based news, weather and information, while our national coverage features stories, analysis and deep, engaging content about issues in Canada and abroad.

We leverage the strength of Corus Entertainment, Inc. – to tell our stories in ways that make a difference: through video, text, photographs and interactive features. And we deliver those stories to Canadians wherever and whenever they want: through the web, mobile devices, email alerts, RSS feeds, and the world of social media.


Available streams:

Consumer SOS segment hosted by Sean O’Shea. The intern works closely with Sean helping to research Consumer stories, do interviews for the segment, and accompany camera staff to shoot footage, attend press conferences when necessary and help to ensure all elements of the segment are in place for the show. The intern is also encouraged to contribute story ideas. Internship will run out of our Barber Greene Station.

  • The Assignment Desk intern works closely with the Assignment Desk staff and is responsible for research, setting up and doing interviews, attending press conferences, relaying important information to the desk after a shoot and helping reporters gather information for their stories. The intern may also be asked to choose clips and write voice-overs for the show. Internship will run out of our Barber Greene Station.
  • Global News Morning intern will assist with the production of the morning show alongside Anthony Robart, Jennifer Valentyne and Liem Vu. Splitting time between our Barber Greene and Corus Quay stations, the intern will chase stories, help with assignments and guest wrangling among other responsibilities. The intern will learn the inner workings of a newsroom and morning show environment. Internship will be split between our Barber Greene Station and Corus Quay Station.
  • The Morning Show intern works closely with the Assignment Desk staff and is responsible for research and setting up phone interviews. The intern will also work alongside the Line Producer to gather information on news of the day, as well as pull tape from our media library, shot list video and choose clips. The intern is also encouraged to contribute story ideas. Internship will run out of our Corus Quay Station.
  • Global News Online intern will help to re-write copy and research, interview and write features for online. They will also scan wires and police scanners for stories and breaking news and social media for trending topics. They will work with the Specials and Interactive dept. to administer FOI requests. They will participate in daily editorial meetings and have some live blogging duties. They will also help send content to news aggregates. Internship will run predominantly out of our Barber Greene Station, with the possibility of time spent at Corus Quay.
  • Political Affairs: The political internship is working with our Anchor and Queen's Park Bureau Chief Alan Carter. Interns would help to research political stories and set up and shot list interviews. They would also assist in the production of our weekly political affairs program Focus Ontario. This internship would be for a student with a keen interest and knowledge of provincial politics. Internship would be run out of our Barber Greene Station, as well as Queen’s Park and other locations.
  • Global News at Noon: Interns will work alongside the news at noon team to help pitch, chase and deliver projects to air. Responsibilities will include pitching stories, chasing guests, wrangling guests, researching, setting up interviews and more. Internship will take place out of our Barber Greene station.
  • Technical internships are available for those interested in the Technical areas of News Production for News Hour and the Morning Show. It will be based on the particular area of interest for each student. This could include ENG Camera, Editing, Control Room and Operations.
  • Lifestyle – Online: Intern would work with the lifestyle team, particularly the supervising editor and senior national journalist (viral/trends) to work on daily lifestyle stories. Intern will learn the best practices for writing lifestyle content as well as strategies for Global News. The internship includes helping the lifestyle team prep content for planned projects, attending brainstorming meetings, helping with copy and structure edits. Interns may also have the opportunity to help with additional lifestyle projects such as podcasts, radio hits or collaborative TV features.
  • Social Desk: Internship gives students hands on experience in the digital media realm. Interns will learn the basics of good social media storytelling while curating, amplifying and distributing content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok. They will pitch ideas, write copy and fulfill community management tasks, which will broaden their understanding of editorial practices and processes of a major Canadian newsroom. The duration is usually four to six weeks, Monday to Friday.
  • Social Desk – Election Internship: The social desk election internship is timely, running through September-October and gives students who have a keen interest in federal politics the opportunity to assist in the social media executions of Global’s election coverage. This position would be primarily working with social/digital, but they could also find themselves chase producing for TV, radio or podcasts. The duration is four to six weeks, Monday to Friday.


  • Ability to learn new online applications (such as WordPress, Grass Valley, Edius etc.)
  • Ability to research and summarize research findings clearly; and
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
  • Ability to work on deadline and are able to multi-task
  • Must come prepared with story pitches and ideas (depending on the stream they have been placed in).
  • Proficient in both their oral and written communication;
  • Punctual and professional in their approach to the work assigned;
  • Willing to experiment with new approaches to communication and media.
  • Willing to take constructive criticism and open to training.

Additional Assets:

Student should be passionate about journalism and news – especially in the city of Toronto.