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Placement Organization: Canadian Communication Foundation (CCF)
Position Title: Social Media Assistant and Researcher
Number of Possible Placements Available: 2
Working Site’s Location: Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (88 The Pond Rd, North York)



  • Social media research and development, and
  • Research to enhance and build the website.
  • Start up new twitter and Instagram.
  • Possibly working to organize interview data or find materials that enhance the site such as images.


  • The successful applicant will have to be comfortable dealing with requests from a board and doing research.
  • The candidate will be comfortable learning new tasks, especially research.
  • The candidate should be familiar with professional social media and willing to learn.
  • The candidate should be punctual, professional, and engaged with the work they are assigned.

Student Experience:

Alyshba Abjani

What kind of work did you do? Our activities include updating CCF's website, finding missing info to update.
Also, our goal is to gain traction to the website hence, coming up with tweets to direct attention to the website is an important task.
What was your overall experience? It was a great learning experience in terms of getting a feel of working in a real-life setting in regards with our area of study.
It was an experience which i feel was vital in terms of my growth and learning how work life is, in terms of working with responsibility and learning time management.
What skill sets did you develop throughout the process?
Developed Researching skills
Time efficiency and management
How has this prepared you for a career? My goal is to work in field in regards to communications and marketing. Hence, it has helped me understand a real life working situation in the field and how to adjust accordingly.
If you had to recommend this course to someone, what would you say?I think its a great learning opportunity. Its refreshing to learn be able to apply whatever we have learnt so far theoretically and be able to apply it in a 'hands-on' experience.