COMN 3781

This course examines various currents of thought within communication studies that have attempted to take ‘the environment’ into account. It explores the field of environmental communication, as well as how broader frames such as eco-feminism, environmental justice, and indigenous thought have influenced public sphere debates concerning the stewardship of land, water, air, and living creatures. Specific topics include:

  • Environmental media through the lens of visual cultural studies: ‘Romantic’ landscapes; the scientific revolution, colonialism, and the objectifying ‘gaze’
  • New Materialism and Indigenous thought
  • Ecocinema and environmental journalism
  • ‘Slow violence’ (Rob Nixon) and the visibility/invisibility of environmental injustice
  • Petroculture, plastics, and the material traces of media devices and media creation
  • Environmental and environmental justice campaigns: a media theory of movement power
  • Acoustic ecology
  • Animacy and animality in an age of cyborg media
  • Media and environmental mediation across scale (eg. Heise’s ‘From the Blue Planet to Google Earth')