Student Profile: Noam Karakowsky 

Internship Program

Who do you contact about the internships?
The staff at the YU Experience Hub were extremely helpful. They were very hands-on in terms of assisting with a range of items pertinent to landing the internship: resume assistance, advice on interviews and excellent workshops to help prepare me for seeking and eventually landing a position.

Is there a site where you can see what kind of internships there are?
Yes, those enroled in the internship program have access to internship postings through the YU Experience Hub website.

How do you find out about it?
I was formally introduced to the internship program through the COMN Department when a member from the YU Experience Hub spoke during our COMN 1000 lecture. As we all know, the marketplace is so competitive that it is almost mandatory to have some work experience on your resume in addition to the degree. I made it a priority to get into the internship program as soon as I had enough credits to qualify.

What does it cost? How does that work?
There is a per work term cost of $475. A work term is the equivalent length of an academic semester. So while there is a cost, it only applies if you land an internship, all of which are paid positions. It's a reasonable price of admission.

Did you go on interviews for a variety of positions? How does that work?
I sent out a lot of applications realizing that the market is very competitive. Ultimately, I only interviewed for this position, though I did receive a few other interview invitations after I accepted IBM's offer.

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