Featured Speaker from the Black Lives Matter Movement, Brieanne Berry Crossfield in Communication Social Movements

In Professor Petrick's class Communicating Social Movements (AP/COMN 3221 3.00) speaker, Brieanne Berry Crossfield discussed Beyond hashtag activism: BLM-TO and the media on February 14th, 2019 Brieanne Berry Crossfield is an organizer and communications specialist, with a focus on equity and public education. Both her non-profit and academic work is influenced by her deep commitment to Black Studies, Anti-Racist and Feminist Theory, as well as Cultural Studies.

Most recently, Brie completed her M.Ed from OISE/UofT Social Justice Education where her research explored Black knowledge production on social media, questions of being the “Other” within the African diaspora and the implications of creating Black Identitie(s) under modernity. Currently, she works as a Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator at a students union in the city of Toronto.